The Tin Cup Customizer allows you to recreate your custom design or logo on a golf ball. We do this by laser cutting your logo through the stainless steel and cutting out the design. You can then "color in" the stencil of your design/logo when you place the Tin Cup on your golf ball and mark it with a sharpie. (Like the KLM cut out example below).

Popular Templates (Click to Order)

Once you've created your design stencil on a Tin Cup, (or bought a stock Tin Cup design), you also have the option of adding engraving to the remaining (untouched) space on the Tin Cup, either above and/or below the cut out stencil. Engraving allows you to add a special message or note to the recipient of the Tin Cup. For example, if you have your Club's logo made into a Tin Cup, you can also then engrave underneath your logo to say something like, "Happy Anniversary Stan," or "Low Gross Winner 2014," or whatever you'd like. The engraving adds a special touch and personalizes the Tin Cup for the recipient.

*The photo above shows how a customer has created his own monogram and then engraved his full name below his monogram.

Custom Tin Cup Pricing

$49 - Pre-existing custom design or remake

$99 - Initials (standard font)

$99 - Initials (custom font)

$ 99 - Signature Series

$125 - Custom logo

Customizer Help


If you would like to add a cutout design, we recommend using black and white artwork in png, jpg or gif format.



If you would like to add cut out initials or a name up to 5 characters per line, and two lines.



If you would like to add engraving above or below your cut out design.



If you wish to edit design elements or remove them from your custom Tin Cup design.


Submit your design for Tin Cup approval. Once approved you will be notified via email, and only then will you be charged.

*If you get stuck please give us a call and we'll be happy to help **This is intended to be a graphical representation of your cup. We may need to make slight changes to accommodate your design

The Signature Series ($99)

Here's how you can order your own Signature Series Tin Cup:

  1. Sign your name on a piece of paper with a black marker.
  2. Take a photo of your favorite signature with your smartphone.
  3. Upload the image onto our customizer here.
  4. Chill with the A-list. We know, your game is that good!